Red Bull Straight Rhythm return for its sixth year. Riders line up side by side and race straight down half mile of rollers, whoops, doubles, tables and all other kinds of rhythmic insanity.

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As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And the retro-inspired, all two-stroke Red Bull Straight Rhythm ain’t broke. So, like a well-performing top end, it ain’t getting fixed. Head-to-head racing. Two-strokes only. No factory bikes. Serious racing…in an irreverent way. Something you definitely won’t see anywhere else.

Racing is a best-of-three format, allowing each rider at least two chances to grab victory. Practice, qualifying and racing will all take place on the same day, with the finals taking place at night under the lights.


SCHEDULE – Saturday, Oct. 5

1:00 PM – Gates open to public

2:00 PM – Qualifying

5:30 PM – National Anthem/Rider Intros

5:40 PM – 250cc Group A

6:02 PM – 250cc Group B

6:24 PM – 125cc Quarterfinals

6:48 PM – 250cc Quarterfinals

7:20 PM – Maxxis 500cc Showdown

7:28 PM – 125cc Semifinals

7:41 PM – 250cc Semifinals

7:57 PM – Third place races

8:11 PM – 125cc Final

8:18 PM – 250cc Final

8:30 PM – Awards Ceremony