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Brand Identity Design Brief


A logo can make a business / product / service memorable and unique.
To design the best logo possible, we first need as much key information as possible about your business, target audience, vision and anything else related to the project.
For this reason we ask you to spend the next 15 minutes to fill this form. It will make our work easier and help both individualize the right goal and take the right path.


    Name of the Company/Service/Product

    Company Mission and Values

    Tell us about more about your company, what do you do?Try also to describe it in 3 words/adjectives, the main values.

    What are the main objectives of the new logo?

    What's the problem to be solved? Tell us about the concepts that the logo must represent.

    Target Audience

    Tell us everything you can about the people who will use the logo or who will have to deal with it.
    What is their age, where do they come from, what they like / don't like, are they new or existing customers?

    Sales information

    Where do you sell your products/services? (e.g. In-person, Resell, eCommerce, etc.)


    Everyone has competitors, we need to know how they look and how they're perceived, what they do. In order to make your logo unique.

    What do YOU like?

    Please tell us about logos and brands you love.


    There is a ultimate deadline for this project?

    Let's make business!
    We're courious about your project.
    Send your Brief and we'll get in touch as soon as possible with a quotation.