The joy of living sport is expressed through the achievements of Elisa Balsamo.
Our task was to represent the person and the athlete, a true talent of female cycling.

Elisa Balsamo is an Italian pro cyclist. In 2016 in Doha she became world champion in the Junior category. She has been competing among the Elite since 2017, in 2020 she won the European Under-23 title and in 2021 she became world champion in the Elite class during the world championships held in the Belgian region of Flanders.

  • Athlete Identity
  • Social Media
  • Merchandising Design


After identifying the right concept to follow, we moved on to explore the main logo, each version has a different composition and expressiveness.

The monogram EB is hand drawn, the letter B follows the lines and shape of the front end of a bicycle.

Already commonly recognized in iconography.

The logo can be used in other color combinations, always and only those defined in this palette.

In this way we want to represent the dynamism and expressiveness of the brand, without being chaotic and messy.

The EB monogram can be represented in a minimal version without the “Elisa Balsamo Pro Cyclist” elements.

The first Moodboard sought for the Brand Identity wants to represent the concept of fun, expressiveness and authenticity.

Going even deeper into the message that the brand wants to convey, we have visual concepts that transmit energy, creativity and dynamism.

This research served to lay the foundations for the construction of original visual elements in the sport of cycling.

These are the visual elements built to strengthen identity and make images interact with the brand.