Mattia Vita

In this project we created a Brand Identity that best represents the values of dynamism, performance, passion and grit in the MV monogram by Effetti.

Mattia Vita




  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Merchandising Design
  • Social Media Design

Who | Rider Profile

Mattia Vita. Professional Kart driver in which he grows and develops his skills of discipline and methodology, now engaged in the Rally discipline where he unleash his side of improvisation and spectacularity.
One of the main partners is beSharp, with whom it shares the values ofDinamismo, Entertainment and Performance.

What | Brand Identity

The goal is to represent the “world” of Mattia Vita in a logo, we will create a distinctive and original identity that can increase the perceived value of Mattia and all the activities in which he is involved, including his current and future partnerships.
With a Brand and its applications we will designate a strong and dynamic identity that has an impact on the current audience and that has the ability to expand it in the disciplines of motorsport.

Mood board

The style that has been sought in this moodboard is the contrast between clean and dirty, geometric and natural, analog and digital, karting and rallying, to visually represent his two sides that complete the driver who is now.

Concept sketch

Research for the MV monogram that can summarize everything we want communicate in a simple logo.

In all its simplicity, this logo best represents the values of Dynamism and Performance (from the tips and edges of the logo), Passion (light heart shape) but also Grit which can be read in the letters M and V.