Pure talent. A winning athlete. The essence of the women's downhill slalom gigante expressed in two letters: SG

Sofia Goggia is definitely the most famous and appreciated italian skier. She’s strong, she’s like a phoenix of the snow, from which she always raised, winning even after some serious injuries that could have stopped everybody. But not her.

Class 1992, Sofia wore the ski for the first time when she was only three years old, competing in her first European Cup in 2008. Since her youth, this girl from Bergamo showed real talent, despite some major injuries. Her strong will always pushed her to the top, leading her to the debut in the World Cup, after achieving great results in the European Cup.

Fast, competitive and especially talented in more then one ski specialty, Sofia Goggia is the crown jewel of the national team. After other great results, 2018 was the golden year for Sofia. She won the downhill Wold Cup (also in 2021) and she achieved the Gold Medal in the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang.

With a Gold Medal and 32 podiums in European and World Cups, Sofia lays on the Olympus of Champions. She’s now heading straight to the 2022 Olympic Games, after the injured she suffered while competing in the World Cup in Cortina.

Together with an impressive palmares, which can be improved, Sofia Goggia is a beloved personality, by both sponsors and supporters. She is a true champion, inside and outside the ski track, she faces injuries with determination and she is an icon for many. That’s what makes her unique.

The project started with the exploration of the SG monogram, up to the first sketches.

The color scheme of Sofia’s identity has been chosen by her directly, she chose Gold has color that more represent hers values as an athlete.

The typeface has been retouched in some key points to make the font smoother and more consistent with the logo

The “SG” monogram goes to form the slalom gigante run that Sofia faces in each race.

We have explored different textures where the logo and color are protagonists to always create new solutions and visuals.