Full impact, excitement and movement in the new brand identity for STUN! Riders, the young Lithuanian stuntriding team.

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It’s all about the emotion of excitement, we represented in a logo the feeling that amazes you every time the STUN! team performs in a stunt-riding show.

We designed it by modifying the typeface, exploding the name STUN! out of an octagon (reference to the STOP sign which has this shape all over the world).

The !con

We designed this icon with the role of synthesizing and simplifying the STUN! logo as much as possible!

We did this by creating the STOP sign with the exclamation point inside, an essential element for the iconicity of the brand.

Logo variations

Different uses can be made of the name STUN! In this way the brand takes different interpretations and uses of the logo for various possibilities, broadening the horizons of creativity and originality. Always remaining faithful to general recognition through recurring key elements.

The Logo

Here we have the versions of the official logo with the color palette applied.

The logo works in all three color versions, on a light, dark and colored background. It expresses its full impact, excitement and movement to the user.

The icon performs its task of simplifying the concept, being legible in all dimensions and extending the possibilities of uses of the brand, while remaining faithful to the values expressed by the brand and the general identity.