This is the story of Bianca, Chiara and Mariaelena who met at Scrambler DucatiDays of Joy, hence the nickname Super Scricche.

Under this name they come together sharing the passion for motors and the values of friendship, energy and femininity.


The need arises to identify and be recognizable as a group as well as as individuals.

The goal of the brand identity is to be recognized as equals, first of all as motorcyclists, then as girls.

To create an identity that can represent Bianca, Chiara and Mariaelena together, in their different personalities and that can excite their large community through applications in events, collaborations, merchandising and gadgets.

  • Brand Identity
  • Social Launch
  • Merchandising Design
  • Bianca Malgioglio
  • Chiara Lovato
  • Mariaelena Caizzi