When Antonio asked me to redesign his 222 it was just like a dream came true.
Soon after, I realized that it was not easy thing to redesign such an important logo in the Motocross Worldwide scene, especially after so many years of glory that he carried with him.
The third step was to get to work by finding the right balance between innovation and recognizability.

Fabio TroyliCreative Director
tc 222 design
tony cairoli

Velocità, Fango e Colori

Color is always a fundamental element when it comes to Brand Identity, in this project we have simply deepened the colors already used by Antonio Cairoli during his professional career.
We identified Volt Yellow in its purest form and applied it impactfully on the whole brand identity.

Volt Yellow






The Legendary front Plate

Dynamic 222

ktm 222
red bull 222

Merchandising Design

Continuous research for the highest quality materials.

Speed & Style combined.

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