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Web Design Brief


    Name of the company/project/product


    Please describe your organisation/company in a short paragraph or link to relevant web pages. Describe the products/services you provide. Are you an international company? Which countries?

    Brand values

    Describe the company using five or ten words (e.g. young, vibrant, technology based etc.)

    The New Website

    Let's examine what you need from the new website.

    Outline the aims of the website

    (e.g. to increase traffic, increase product awareness, offer e-commerce and generate more sales, advertise a new product or service, etc.)

    Target Audience

    Describe who is the target audience, what are the demographics? (e.g. children, adults, socio-economic class, location, habits etc.)


    List a few competitors websites.

    Look & Feel

    Please list some website that you like the look of with a description of what you like about them. If you have an existing branding/guideline/color schemes please send these elements via


    Start thinking about how you should populate your new site.

    Site Map

    Please list and describe the Site Map: all the pages and sections that the Website will contain.

    (e. g. Homepage - About - Blog - Shop - Contact etc...) If it's an e-commerce please describe how many categories and items you will sell.

    Additional plug-ins

    Describe the additional plug-ins that the website will need, such as Blog, Newsletter, Multilingual, Shipping, Memberships or other services.

    For e-commerce websites, please detail which payment methods you'd like to use


    Will the website integrate with social networks?


    You should outline any special technical requirements that your company might have.

    Do you already own a domain name? Hosting service?

    Who will be responsible for the on-going maintenance of the website?

    Digital Marketing

    You are investing in a new website, so you want customers to see it. Now detail how you will promote it.
    An online business is no different to a traditional business, it needs marketing.
    The promotion of your website, increasing visibility in search engines and generating a sense of engagement, is vitally important to it’s continued success.

    Do you have any initial thoughts for digital marketing activity? If so, please detail.

    What is your annual budget for digital marketing, website launch and promotion?

    Let's start your project together!
    Send us this Brief and we'll get in touch asap with a quotation.